Introducing the world's first Aromatherapy Crayons

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A new way to experience color

We spent months carefully developing the perfect blend of natural waxes, earth-based pigments and skin safe fragrances. Our goal was to capture everything you love about coloring, but with an entirely new spin on the classic crayon. 

Each artisinal color uniquely enriches the coloring experience with a custom scent profile, meant to inspire old and young alike to experience color in an entirely new way.

Your creations jump off the paper in ways you never expected.

Designed and handcrafted in New York City. 

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Non-Toxic? Of course, silly.

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I love your smelly crayons, Uncle James.  I think you should call these "The Best Smelly Crayons Rainbow Crayons."

-Sophie, 6 years old

These are [explative] great!  I [explative] love these [explative] [explative] crayons!

-Mike G

OMG these crayons are out of this world.  PHENOMENAL. 

-Tatjana G


-Olga A

Those crayons smell amazing.

-Henri W