About Us

James Blashaw is from Los Angeles and loves a good cloudy IPA.  Starting out at UCLA with a degree in Theater, he found himself seeking to broaden his creative horizons and since has worked at design fabrication studios alongside bartending so his charisma definitely makes up for his lack of most things.  James took it upon himself to figure out the conundrum of the crayon mold and with a little help from a friend and over nine prototypes, he finally "cracked the mold."  This is said in jest because if the mold actually cracked, James would be devastated but at least he knows how to make another one.

Jim Schreiber is cooler than James but not by too much.  He also loves cloudy IPA's but might like cheese fries more.  Jimmy's start at the University of Michigan with a degree in history set him up for a job as a history teacher.  While Jimmy has hoards of useless knowledge as a result of his college experience, he found his footing running operations for consumer packaged goods and product development companies.  Jimmy's abundant usefulness is often casually disregarded but really shouldn't be considering his experience.

They live in New York with their cat Basil and together they enjoy hate-binge-watching QVC and often wonder why it isn't a national pastime.